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I have a beautiful L, beautiful friend, who is an elementary school teacher. She is younger than me at 23 and is in its first year of teaching. She got a job with a good local school and leave a temporary contract for a new school this week. L is large, with long blond hair to his shoulders and has a real female form. Think about the people first, the hips are too big, but always end up in the threads of them. It has beautiful legs and beautiful breasts 36D. She is very shy and does not have many sexual partners in her past. when she got the job, I've heard from a friend that the director was a bit like felt, and I wondered if that was part of the reason I ended up with work. At first I did not feel comfortable putting him in a position affected by the works. the passage of time spicytranny however, and actually came to like the man. The year has passed very quickly and it was time for New Year's Eve party staff, so do the s L ' left. I was away in Manchester at a bachelor party, then cOuld not even go. I went for the deer and told him that a great night and the text when I spicytranny have been safe at home. Two days later, for some reason I looked at his text messages to see what random crap I had sent him drunk. April 00 saw the watch he received a text from the head. I read it, and spicytranny said : 'I hope I gave you something to remember and the school of xxx. ' I wondered what it was and looked at his watch at 9. He said: '... I 'm glad you enjoyed reading so hopefully I can count on your discretion xxx' Confused, I looked at the messages sent. One of the leaders to read at 4:20 ' I will never forget. It was incredible, xxx. ' saw red, but anger or excitement ? When he left the shower I demanded an explanation. They obviously could not think of just crying. I reassured her and asked her to tell me. I made spicytranny ​​a promise that I still love her and I agreed. What he told me, shakes me to the spicytranny core. spicytranny The story is what I will summarize what they said, as a whole. When L arrived at the party, most people were already drunk. The head was flirting and chatting, women, and L, said he was upset. However, as the night wore on spicytranny his head made ​​his way through L and asked where was her boyfriend. She told him, and he said it was a pity that I was not there. He spicytranny left but returned later with a drink for her L. told her she had done a great job and he hugged her in gratitude. L is so special because it took too long. After the party, invited one of the teachers around. L said no, but the manager who, as part of his departure had been made. She said and went out for drinks. It was pretty strong, and everyone, including L tequilas. L went to talk with some of his colleagues, and the head of his past as well. He called again L ' s and told the others the good work they had done. However, do not move the hand. He remained in the back. L wearing a short dress with flowers showing all the characteristics of your best, and spicytranny thatsaid, his hand on the zipper of the ages. The manager came to the converstaion and no one in a position to see it, continued his fingers across his back through the clothing. L loves this, but he hit his hand to return. This time, only allowed to stay. She caressed and L is trying to ignore it. When he did not reject this second advance that had more courage and pursued by the lower back on his butt. She shivered a little, but did not want the other is as it should alarm. He is now even more brave and let your fingers on the arm - shaking hands spicytranny in the process. L said he has slowed his hand and encouraged him even more. It was in the back and buttocks, but this time again with your fingers on the dress and addressed her in French - underwear covered rear. At this point L, said she had woken up yet, and therefore left to take a drink. It was only Downing the drink when he met her alone in the kitchenin. He said he was an ass, and he thinks that she liked that she cherished. He said spicytranny he would not be there much longer and asked for a hug and a kiss. L hugged him and went to kiss his cheek, but moved with his face of experts around and started kissing. You know, go away, but should not. The kiss was in his hands and returned to his buttocks, which pressed more or less. Still kissed and his hands went to her breasts. He broke the kiss and told his own small party in his hotel room. I did not want to leave the common excuse that people might want to guess what had happened. He told him to go now and the phone number of a taxi for 10 minutes. He was allowed to wait on it. I do not know why, but they did. left 10 minutes later the taxi arrived early. Once in the taxi, the driver boasted that 'seeing your partner's bloody, half my age and know what will happen or not? ' L remained in the cabin, where he kissed ad rubbed through her panties. reached Hbis room and wasted no time, just say, ' Now go with the dress and then I see what I'm up all night want to play. ' Siad It was what he loved the view and French in bra and matching panties. He ran to her and stroked her thick, although spicytranny the eye biting through the bar because he did a little cry. Bra and pants were taken before his shirt and jeans. There was a fair old lump in his pants and told him to his knees to suck. He went to give orders about him, but she followed the instructions and took his cock in her mouth. He was loud groan when he started fucking face. He held her hair and forced more or less in your mouth. After a few minutes he said : '.. Now I 'm going to fuck hard' She climbed into bed and lay on their backs. He got between her legs and without ceremony or warning on his hammer. She spicytranny screamed and moaned as he treats her like a whore. He had his legs on his shouldersas he squeezed her tits and fucked her. He went and told him to get on all fours so he could end up in that ass beautiful. She did as she said again and again it crashed with great force. After a minute he went and shot jet after jet of cum all over her ass. He rubbed it and said how well she whispered before she was to go. In the taxi home, he realized what he had done. When I told this story I'm so excited. I was angry, but he had an spicytranny erection. She cried and said he would do nothing if still loved. So I told him I knew what they did to him. They did and it was amazing. Now I have to stay. What do spicytranny I spicytranny do now?
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